VI Demogroup - STR Industria Post Mortem

STR: Industria was a demo meant to be an introduction of our demogoup called "Volumetric Illusions" to the Portuguese demoscene.
It's basicaly a fly-by on a flat-shaded scenario.
Why make a simple "fly-by" demo ?

WWhen I contacted filami in order to form the VI demogroup, I had no idea about his skills regarding computer graphics, on that time, of the time he would require to implement any given feature into a graphic engine.
Besides, I had at that time, almost zero skill regarding the texture creation and Unwarping process. The only skill that I had that was up to the task was the modeling of raw geometry, on Wings3d.

So the only choice that was possible to take in order to have a demo ready to show at Inercia Demo Party 2003 (ID03), was to make the demo as simple as possible,technologically speaking. The only thing where we could strech it were the models we used on the presentation.
Thanks to the implementation of the LUA scripting language, the demo building process was very flexible and made the development time smaller.

The comcept itself was simple : A fly by  through a industrial flat-shaded scenario.
The music was provided by filami himself.

The GooD

Even with zero experience and working via internet (only meeting face-to-face on the demoparty itself), The Team was able to start and complete a project from scratch, which was possible due to filami's firm dedication to the project.

We were even able to make 2 more scenes on the party place (the 1st and 2nd scenes) and put them on the demo. The coordination between the graphics and music (previously made) was also done at the party place.

We made a good introduction of ourselves to the Portuguese Demoscene comunity.

We learned that technology is not everything :)


The Bad

Unexpected bugs that could compromise the demo occoured on party place. There was also some pressure , due to time constraits, to make the extra scenarios in time of the compo submission .
The implementation of features that were not planed were also an issue. If they were planed, we could make a better use of them.

There was also a lot of detail that was modeled but it was not properly explored (the viewer could not enjoy those details while watching the demo = wasted time )


With this demo we have indeed learned alot regarding the difficulties and faults in our development process as well as knowing the way to improve in the future.